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Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s continue to lift each other up and celebrate our successes! #empoweringgirls #youareagem #celebratewomen
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Self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself so you can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well. The benefits of regular self-care have been linked to positive health outcomes such as reduced stress, improved immune system, increased productivity, fostering resilience, living longer, and becoming better equipped to manage stress.
Here are a few ways to incorporate self-care into your regular routine:
βœ” Positive self-talk
βœ” Give yourself permission to take a pause
βœ” Plan time to meet up with friends
βœ” Talk to a friend or family member
βœ” Prioritize sleep
βœ” Adopt an exercise routine
βœ” Choose healthy and nourishing foods over highly processed ones
βœ” Take a nap
βœ” Have a dance party
βœ” Read a book
βœ” Spend time with pets
βœ” Listen to your favorite music
βœ” Unplug from technology
βœ” Spend time in nature
βœ” Do something creative
βœ” Incorporate regular acts of kindness into your day
βœ” Keep a gratitude journal

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GEM is taking a different approach to addressing the disparities in girls health and fitness levels. Unlike other programs, GEM empowers girls to create physical activity and wellness programming that meets their needs.

Through strong partnerships and unique programming, GEM is empowering girls to create physical activity programs, improve fitness levels, promote long term health, and enhance their emotional well-being. Your support today will help us continue to deliver innovative youth-led programming to girls across Georgia.