Empowering Middle School Girls

Only 51% of girls have healthy aerobic capacity in 5th grade and by 12th grade, the number drops to 31%. GEM directly addresses the challenge of providing girls with access and opportunities for regular physical activity while empowering them to become change-agents.

“GEM is different because it’s designed by middle school girls, for middle school girls. With GEM, we’re trying to find ways for girls to be active that allow them to feel comfortable and not be intimidated—like they would be with boys included.”
Mercy, GEM Leader
“GEM motivates and inspires girls to work together to reach their goals. It will help them feel more confident about themselves because they are understood and respected.”
Timmea, GEM Leader

Hear From
The Girls

Unlike any other physical activity program, GEM puts girls at the center. Hear what they have to say about it.

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GEM Implementation Partners

Girls Empowering Movement is a collaborative initiative led by HealthMPowers in partnership with: Boys and Girls Clubs of Georgia, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, and the University of West Georgia.

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Partner with Girls Empowering Movement to get Georgia girls active, develop their leadership skills and help them make an impact in their own communities!

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GEM will provide leadership training to approximately 7,000 middle school girls at over 100 school and community-based sites across Georgia.

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Learn more about GEM at: gempower.org

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Self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself so you can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well. The benefits of regular self-care have been linked to positive health outcomes such as reduced stress, improved immune system, increased productivity, fostering resilience, living longer, and becoming better equipped to manage stress.
Here are a few ways to incorporate self-care into your regular routine:
✔ Positive self-talk
✔ Give yourself permission to take a pause
✔ Plan time to meet up with friends
✔ Talk to a friend or family member
✔ Prioritize sleep
✔ Adopt an exercise routine
✔ Choose healthy and nourishing foods over highly processed ones
✔ Take a nap
✔ Have a dance party
✔ Read a book
✔ Spend time with pets
✔ Listen to your favorite music
✔ Unplug from technology
✔ Spend time in nature
✔ Do something creative
✔ Incorporate regular acts of kindness into your day
✔ Keep a gratitude journal

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Learn more about GEM at gempower.org

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